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Meet Thrive Future's Founder & CEO,
Janine Eden-Riley 

MSc, Dip Counc, Cert Ed, LHEP, CEO

It is impossible to separate Thrive Future from me, its founder, Janine Eden-Riley. My career, education and personal life experiences have shaped the way I solve my clients’ problems and challenges - with outstanding results. I am a pioneering authority on Organisational Transformation across sectors.


Thrive Future is built on 25 years of deep expertise and knowledge, but we don’t rest on our laurels. Being responsive to the shifts in business and societal changes is imperative and requires agility.  


We also recognise that certain beliefs and attributes and are fundamental to successful outcomes:







These beliefs and attributes are not simply words. They form who we are.

Facing key issues head-on requires tenacity and courage.

Designing solutions in partnership with businesses takes
creativity plus expertise.

Delivering and following through on lasting change
requires care and commitment.

J Eden-Riley

Thrive Future deliver radically improved organisational performance


Thrive Future is a specialist change agency and consultancy working across sectors in organisations and individuals within them, especially when change is occurring. In adapting to new circumstances and complex challenges, there are powerful opportunities in organisational development and transformation.

Thrive Future analyse and resolve the problems associated with re-shuffles, re-structures, takeovers and mergers. We coach leaders to become strong and effective and turn around underperformance in management and entire teams.


Led by Janine and project-specific experts, Thrive Future creates tailored solutions and delivers extraordinary developmental evolution to clients.


If you want ongoing evolution across your organisation brought about by radical insights, please talk to us.
If you want your people to be flexed, expanded, enthused, recognised and developed as the talented individuals they are, please talk to us.
If You want quick fixes and formulaic workshops, Thrive Future is probably not for you.

When change is necessary, applying the right expertise and methods turns disruption or underperformance into an opportunity for lasting growth. 


Read our case studies and learn how Organisational Transformation works in practise.

Director General, Jobcentre Plus, DWP


From the outset working with Janine, she imbued me and my senior team with a very high measure of confidence in her processes. Janine clearly knows her stuff and passionately conveys a very high degree of personal commitment whilst displaying very high energy levels. In terms of working with me as the customer, she displayed flexibility but not to the point of compromising the process or approach she was recommending. I was left with a really clear sense of her personal integrity along with customer focus.

We saw a marked improvement in attendance as well as a greater maturity of behaviours from the managers in the offices covered by Janine’s work. I am excited at the prospect of moving into the second phase of work and confident we will again meet the demanding objectives set.

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