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Transforming Your Business


Thrive Future is a unique consultancy specialising in Organisational Transformation. We analyse and resolve the problems associated with company re-shuffles, re-structures and mergers. We coach leaders to become strong and effective and turn around underperformance in management and teams.


The correlation between company-wide motivation, invested people and a strong culture has a measurable impact on overall success.


Led by Janine Eden-Riley and project-specific experts, Thrive Future always delivers extraordinary change.

If you want your people to be enthused, recognised and developed
as the talented individuals they are, talk to us.
If you want ongoing evolution in people, teams and leaders brought about by radical insights, talk to us.
If you want quick fixes and formulaic workshops, Thrive Future is probably not for you.

Denison's Model

Organisational Culture & Effectiveness

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast"

We use *Denison's Model, an organisational methodology that gets into the heart of company culture.


Regardless of how streamlined an organisation looks on paper, if the culture has 'issues', performance pays the price. Using Denison's Model - sometimes exclusively but often in combination with other expertise - we address and turn around often buried subtleties that endanger company culture. It is remarkably effective for entire organisations, boardrooms and micro-teams. 

Getting it right with a quantifiable ROI at the end takes skill and dedication. We analyse, diagnose and implement a cultural strategy that breeds corporate trust, loyalty, happiness and high performance.


Denison's Model is highly effective for behemoths and startups alike:

  • During mergers, turnarounds, reshuffles, growth spurts and take-overs.

  • Where there is stagnation, discontentment and poor performance.

  • Aligning company culture with [your] online and offline consumers.

  • For talent development, attraction and retention.

  • Creating and evolving effective leaders.

*Thrive Future are accredited Denison Consulting partners
Denison's, Expertise

The Human Element®

"Everyone is responsible and no one is to blame"  Will Schutz

The Human Element® is a remarkable methodology developed by Will Schutz, psychologist, and philosopher. He was the creator and author of The Human Element: Productivity, Self-Esteem and the Bottom Line. 

The Human Element® principles prove time and again that organisations thrive and prosper when the human beings inside them function with personal and collective awareness. It runs along these lines:


>  First, we show individuals how to take personal accountability (which minimises a 'blame culture') ... 

>  Which leads us to openness and self regard ...

>  Leading to the areas of job-fit to create high performing teams ...

>  Nurturing an environment of well rounded teams and leaders ... 

>  Ultimately leading to greatly increased organisational productivity.

Properly integrated, this methodology brings sustainable and palpable change. Companies become strong top-down and bottom-up, able to withstand enormous pressure and stress. 

Human Element, Expertise
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