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Pandemic Response

None of us could possibly be prepared for the challenges we are facing. I have many year's of expertise helping people build resilience and unblocking behaviours that are often rooted in extremely difficult circumstances. As our entire home and work dynamic changes, we can still thrive and care for our mental health. 

Now, more than ever before, I want my expertise to reach as many people as possible. I have adapted my service so I can work online with groups and individuals.

Four New
Online Services

Working From Home During Lockdown

How to thrive working from home
With so many changes rapidly unfolding, how do we truly cope, do our best and actually flourish rather than simply survive these times of challenge?
I am Janine Eden-Riley (MSc, Dip Counc, Cert Ed, LHEP, CEO) and I invite you to join my weekly Homeworker group sessions. Together, we will adapt, thrive and grow during the times ahead.
I am offering weekly online Zoom sessions for groups of homeworkers. I'll adapt and respond fluidly to national changes and to personal feedback from the group.
£35 per month for 4 x 1 hour sessions.
Dates and times to be announced shortly.

Family Life During Lockdown

Thriving together indoors
Almost overnight, families are adjusting to a whole new way of living, from homeschooling, working from home and isolating and caring for ill family members. Join me, Janine Eden Riley, in my weekly sessions to help you remain buoyant and thrive together. In my online Zoom sessions, I will take you through strategies for coping, responding to feedback from my family groups and changes in the latest corona situation.
The whole household, all ages are welcome to join in.
£35 per month for 4 x 1 hour sessions, per household.
Dates and times to be announced shortly.
Please contact via email me if you have lost your income.

Corporate & Team Support

Therapy and strategy for teams working remotely
Most teams are used to high levels of face to face interaction. Swiftly learning to remain productive and cohesive when isolated will be challenging. Every team member will also be morphing their work life into their unique domestic circumstances.
Whatever unfolds, I can help you with crisis management and dealing with new problems that arise as the corona pandemic unfolds. Let's adapt and respond with awareness, compassion and action. 
Contact me and we can tailor online sessions for the unique needs of your company and your people.
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Weekly Live Facebook Events

with Janine Eden-Riley

Every Tuesday evening, 7pm GMT join me live on Facebook with Q&A afterwards.
I'll talk you through mechanisms and strategies for coping with unfolding events. 
I'm here to help you. Like my Thrive Future Facebook page for updates and a friendly reminder.  
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