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Resilience versus Confidence

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Developing resilience is like reprogramming a computer but I think people find that very challenging. They think you are going to change them into somebody different but it’s more that you turn them back into who they should of been before life, growing up and challenges took its toll. I think people expect the reprogramming to be painful but as Brené Brown says ‘People are hardwired for connection‘ and what initially starts out as nerve wracking soon changes to curiosity and interest, leading to confidence and capacity.

Resilience is described as how you feel about what happens to you. The deeper subconscious reactions to what happens to us are programmed in by the time we are seven years of age at a time when our psychology protects is by taking responsibility for things that aren’t our fault. This sets up limiting beliefs and these hold us back from using our full potential and being fully resilient however these can be updated, reset so that you can perform better without needing to keep focussed, particularly in times of pressure when you just need to trust yourself and act.

It is frustrating to have the answers and the business world just don’t know them.

Talk to us and discover how resilience can be developed in your organisation.

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