You are not simply an organisation.

You are the sum total of your people.


Thrive Future is a different type of expert change agency.


We bring radical, tangible improvements to your people's performance and culture.

Thrive Future, Organisational Change Agents

What We Do & How We Help

Singularly the most important factor and often the hardest to nurture.
We are experts.



Aligning your human capital with your business strategies.

Mergers, Takeovers
& Turnarounds

Creating cultures of high cooperative performance and trust during upheaval.

Coaching and development to leverage high functionality in your existing - and emerging - leaders.


Enabling teams to confidently achieve their full collective potential.

Team Performance

Unravelling behaviours and beliefs that block high performance.


Aligning culture to bottom line performance for growth, innovation, employee and customer retention.

The Denison Model*

* We are accredited Denison Model partners

A transformative and holistic methodology to leverage the full potential of your workforce.

The Human Element*

* We are licensed Human Element practitioners

Personal Development

Enriching, powerful professional and personal growth, for people across all tiers.

Thrive Future's Founder & CEO,
Janine Eden-Riley 

MSc, Dip Counc, Cert Ed, LHEP, CEO

Janine Eden-Riley, Founder and CEO of Thrive Future Management Consultants

Janine is a highly accomplished and respected Learning & Development and Change Consultant.


She is a pioneering authority on organisational transformation with a track record of breakthrough delivery and game-changing productivity gains for teams across a wide range of sectors.


From financial boardrooms to the Metropolitan Police, Janine has over 20 years experience as an agent of change, masterminding and implementing large-scale change programmes and organisational turnarounds. Janine and her team have transformed some of the UK’s most demanding workplaces.


Clients include: Barclays Capital, Mercer, RPMI, NAPF, Marks & Spencer, Department for Work & Pensions, the Police Diversity Directorate, The World Cancer Research Fund, Department of Work and Pensions, Catalyst Consulting, to name just a few.

"My revenues increased by 20% in the first year of working
with Thrive Future".

JB, Director, Global Property Management Organisation